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Maximum Ride Fanfiction of ANY sort. So long as it's good!
This is the maximum Ride Fanfiction archive - currently the only one outside of the forums and Fanfiction.net.

Maiyri is your moderator, so if you would like to have your fanfiction uploaded to this site, email your fanfiction to her, or one of the other posters, who may or may not upload it, either as an attachment or in the email body itself.


Your name, the story name, a summary, disclaimer, rating, pairings, character focus, type of fic (chapter, oneshot). Provide a list of the tags you want this to be put under!!!

If you do not provide this it will not be uploaded.

Your fic may not be uploaded anyway, if it does not follow these basic rules.


1.) Always check your spelling and grammar. I am not your english teacher and will not do it for you.
2.) No Mary Sues. OC's are fine, Sues are not.
3.) No pairing bashing in your authors notes.
4.) Don't ruin the characters by sue-fying them.
5.) No nonfic posts - there are comments for a reason.
6.) Don't pair/character/author bash in the comments.
7.) In the spirit of Fanficrants, there is the unknown seventh rule.

This Archive is for good examples of fiction decided on by the people who moderate this site. If you wish to have your fic posted here and it doesn't, it's not saying your fic is bad, just that this probably isn't the archive for you. Also, I'm a busy uni student, and I won't always be able to post new stuff up.


Modstuff, Flock, Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, Angel, Ella, Total, Omega, Akila, Anne, Jeb, DocMartinez, Ari, Brigid, Lissa/Sam/Tess, Whitecoats, Erasers, other canon character, OC.

Max/Fang, Max/Iggy, Max/Ari, Max/Other, Fang/Iggy, Fang/Nudge, Fang/Other, Iggy/Nudge, Iggy/Ella, Iggy/other, Nudge/Gazzy, Nudge/Other, Gazzy/Other, Angel/Other, Other pairings.

AUfiction, Alt-flock, seventhflier, futurefic, pastfic, flockkids, WARNINGS.

TAG Rules:

Try not to use too many!! Maybe four at most plus author name.
The WARNING tags will be applied to any fics that contain dark or adult themes. If you shouldn't be reading it then don't!!
Any suggestions can be made by comment to the mods, and we'll have a think about it. I'm not pretending that this is a complete list - I know something has been forgotten!